My name is Dave Faulkner, I have been an amateur photographer for over 10 years. This blog is about my journey into photography with a specific focus on my current passion, wildlife photography.

I love trying to capture a story in a static image that represents just a moment in time. I especially enjoy the challenge of trying to do this with a subject that is ever changing and can often be shy or elusive. The fact that I can spend a whole week photographing a particular animal and never get the same photograph twice.
I also revel in the technical nature of photography and can easily loose myself for hours trying to learn a new technique or working out a way to replicate another photographers style.

I started this blog for a number of reasons, but primarily I wanted to create a diary of techniques, wildlife locations and animal behaviour as I learn them. The hope being that I could re-visit my own blog entries and remind myself about which wildlife was around at a particular time and of year how I went about taking photos of it.