Potters Pool Kingfisher

WHEN: 21 November 2017, 08:50
WHERE: Basingstoke Canal, Potters Pool, UK (Google map)

One of my work colleagues gave me a tip off about a kingfisher he spotted on the Basingstoke Canal. After a few weeks staking out Potters Pool and some distant glimpses of kingfisher, this morning I was rewarded with a close up opportunity. I find one of the best options with kingfishers on publicly accessible land is to just pick a spot near to where you have seen a bird fishing and just sit very still. It can take a few visits and in this case I was waiting an hour before this male arrived. Unfortunately my view was obstructed by all the trees. Maybe next time for a clear shot.

Potters Pool Kingfisher

Nikon D500, Nikon 300mm F4 PF + TC-17E II at 500mm (750mm equiv.) – F8, ISO 1000, 1/50 sec.

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