Bluebell Alert

WHEN: 10 Apr 2017, 18:30
WHERE: Old Simm’s Copse, North Downs Way, UK (Google map)

It has been an incredibly warm spring and the flora and fauna is responding accordingly. Literally weeks early than usual the Bluebells are out in force. I took the opportunity to get some photographs in while they were fresh and vibrant looking, in a few weeks time the scene won’t look quite as impressive close up as the plants flowering now start to look a bit tired. I parked in White Down car park which makes for an easy walk to one of natures best spring flower shows.


Sony DSC-RX100, Taken at 10mm (28mm equiv.)

Old Simm’s Copse is my favorite place to see Bluebells, ever since discovering it whilst mountain biking some 15 years ago it has stuck in my memory for it’s vivid carpet of the UK’s most popular flower. I beleive the whole woodland contains only the smaller native British bluebells, the american ones which commonly get planted in gardens being much larger and less delicate. If you are lucky you can even spot the occasional white flower in amongst the blue.

White bluebell

Sony DSC-RX100, Taken at 10mm (28mm equiv.)

As I was getting back to the car the sun was doing it’s best to put on a display through the trees, I couldn’t resist the picture. What a wonderful evening walk.

Sunset through trees

Sony DSC-RX100, Taken at 10mm (28mm equiv.)

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