Mushrooms at Dawn

After a very interesting visit to Eelmoor after work one friday I decided it was worth a return trip at a time when the light was a bit more interesting. A cold dawn the following week provided the perfect opportunity to photograph some more mushrooms.

Sunlit Trees

Nikon D7000, Sigma 24mm SUPER_WIDE II f2.8 (36mm equiv.) – F18, ISO 200, 0.62 sec.

This 1st image could have been way more atmospheric if I hadn’t got distracted searching for mushrooms. By the time I had finished a lot of the early morning mist has gone. I stopped the lens down to F18 to create a nice sun star which went some way to making up for the lack of mist.

Mushroom 01

Nikon D7000, Tokina ATX-D 100mm with (150mm equiv) f13 ISO-200 1.3 sec.

This was probably the best mushroom image from the morning (although I did have a film camera with me which I have yet to develop). I didn’t notice until post processing the image that there is a little spider at the base of the mushroom. I assume the threads at the top of the mushroom belong to the same spider.

Finally I spent ages searching for a mushroom like this, perched on it’s own bed of moss. It was really tricky to photograph as every time I got the camera down on the ground at the angle I wanted the lens would mist up with condensation!

Mushrroom 02

Nikon D7000, Nikon 18-55 VR II at 40mm (60mm equiv) f14 ISO-200 1.3 sec.

The whole area around Eelmoor including Dukes wood over the road is fantastic for mushroom photography. If I visit again at the same time of year I would be tempted to take a flash gun and diffuser with me to give me more control over lighting.


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