Team BTG

On the 20th November 2018 Boston Scientific agreed to purchase BTG (the company I work for). Soon after I decided to create a lasting record of the innovation team at BTGs Camberley site. The pictures on this page all taken on film represent the people that I will always consider Team BTG.

The 1st gallery includes images from team building and social events (click on pictures to see better quality)

The 2nd gallery contains images from working in the Camberley R&D labs (click on pictures to see better quality)

The final gallery focuses on our working lives outside of the labs, in the office (click on pictures to see better quality)

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  1. Zubair Saadat Khan

    I am a proud member of the team. This was a very rewarding and happy time of my career. We collaborated, with a can do attitude, teamed up to attain our goal, we held our hands to support each other, we took risk and worked hard to provide comfort to our patients. I am proud that our efforts saved lives and in many cases eased the life of our patients.

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