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  • My Journey in Photography

    Ever since childhood I have had a passion for wildlife and nature. So it was no surprise that my keen interest in photography blossomed into a passion for wildlife and landscape subjects. I especially enjoy the chance to find peace with the world whilst capturing it’s beauty by modern digital or traditional analogue methods. 

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  • Dave does detail

    Team BTG

    On the 20th November 2018 Boston Scientific agreed to purchase BTG (the company I work for). Soon after I decided to create a lasting record of the innovation team at BTGs Camberley site. The pictures on this page all taken on film represent the people that I will always consider Team BTG. The 1st gallery […]

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  • 2020 Calendar

    2020 Calendar

    Every year I produce a limited edition calendar, this year as previously it features some of my best wildlife and landscape images. The calendar is A3 format so you can a great size image and plenty of space to plan your life. Calendars are available for £12 (plus £3 postage in the UK). EU postage […]

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  • Colorado

    30,000 Feet

    I do a fair bit of travel as part of my work. I have been contemplating the strangeness of aircraft travel on recent trips and decided that I wanted to try and document it. To make things more fun I set a simple challenge; All pictures must be taken with a mobile phone, no fancy […]

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